About us

The year 2000 marked a new beginning for the logistics sector in Kerala. For it was the first time a company that offered complete logistics solutions and end to end customer support was born a name synonymous with quality and efficiency has now completed 18 years and continues to be the number one logistics company in Kerala.

Standing at the crossroads of great futuristic expansion, donning on a new identity, gearing up for unprecedented growth spreading across states and offering a wide array of logistics solutions. We are proud to re introduce “PICKDEL EXPRESS CARGO”. "PICKDEL" strives to create new benchmarks in the logistics sector by providing a whole spectrum of services in line with growing customer needs.

Started in the year 2000 and Now Re Branded "PICKDEL" has completed over 18 years in the cargo and logistics industry and this experience has helped us build a reputation as a professional, reliable and efficient company. We attribute our success to a set of ethics, a highly evolved proprietary process and rich professionalism we adhere to as a team. There are few other things which set us apart and help you choose "PICKDEL" over others:

    1. We own a fleet of containerized vehicles to facilitate speedy and safe cargo movement
    2. A trusted name in B2B cargo management and intra-city retail distribution across the South
    3. We provides cargo management solutions that are fast, safe, flexible & cost effective
    4. Experience based management backed by customer feedbacks and custom made solutions.
    5. Updated and advanced security and management systems for personalised login, tracking consignments and viewing PODs

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